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The Group offers free membership to every wheelchair user(and their carer/carers) who receive a wheelchair from the Wheelchair & Posture Service (through Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Community Health NHS Trust). Our aim is to give wheelchair users the chance to express their opinions on all aspects of using a wheelchair, which can be fed back to NHS Professionals. The Group hold monthly meetings which cover discussions and consultations with the clinicians and management of Wheelchair and Posture Services to improve and refine service provision plus covering wider issues of accessibility within the County.The Group has many links with the Town and County Access Groups and other Shropshire based disability organisations and has also been involved with mystery shopper exercises to improve the lives of disabled members resident in the County. We are willing to raise any issue that might affect wheelchair users or their carers.

If you use a wheelchair provided by the NHS, then we are interested in your views.


By joining the Shropshire Wheelchair Users' Group (SWUG), you can have the chance to air your opinions on all aspects of using a wheelchair to NHS professionals and Borough Councils in order to influence change.  See below for how we have been helping your community since 1992.

Wheelchair Retrieval

When wheelchairs have been loaned out and then not returned when no longer needed, then SWUG promoted a poster campaign in hospital and doctors' surgeries to get some of them back for refurbishment.

Active User Wheelchairs

For years, there were no Active User Wheelchairs in the NHS range, but now thanks to SWUG, there are new chairs available for those who need them.  SWUG have been consulted in helping to establish suitable guidelines.

Priority Response

If you are a permanent wheelchair user and have need for emergency repairs to your equipment, then you can have your situation assessed in around 4 hours. Again SWUG have been involved in drawing up guidelines to ensure that those who need most help,

get it.

Wheelchair Weighing Facility

If you really want to know your accurate weight, come to the service anytime between 10 am and 2pm on the first Thursday of every month.  No appointment required.

Voucher Scheme

SWUG have assisted in establishing guidelines for the issue of vouchers to give you a wider choice of wheelchairs.  

Lightweight Wheelchairs for Carers

If you care for someone in a wheelchair, you may feel frail yourself and wish that there was a lighter wheelchair available.  Well there is!  Alas they are not plentiful, but provided that you can meet the criteria, you could be loaned a suitable chair.  SWUG have campaigned for years to get this option implemented.

Wheelchir Repairs

If you use an NHS chair, then it will need repairs at some time.  The repair is carried out by an approved repairer.  SWUG have been a watchdog that tries to monitor and improve the system for the benifit of the wheelchair user.

Who Can Help?

SWUG is open to all wheelchair users and carers.  Membership is free.

Better Facilities for the Disabled at NHS Outlets

When you go to a hospital in the county, do you always find there are adequate facilities for the disabled?  Are there enough parking spaces?  Are there enough wheelchair accessible toilets?  These and other issues have been raised by SWUG and in turn dealt with by the relevant department in the NHS.

Improved Access in Shropshire

SWUG have taken up various issues on behalf of wheelchair users in the country including car parking in both Shrewsbury and Telford Centre, Park-and-Ride schemes, blue badges etc.  We have links with the Borough and County Access Groups and we are willing to raise any issue which might affect a user or carer.

How Can I Help?

Come along to one of our group meetings and discuss the issues which affect wheelchair users.

SWUG Meetings

We meet at the Shropshire Disability Resource Centre, Lancaster Road, Harlescott, Shrewsbury SY1 3NJ on the first Thursday of every month (except August) from 1:00 pm.  All wheelchair users, parents and carers of all ages are welcome.  Special interest meetings can be arranged as required.

"Your input helps our output!"

Shropshire Wheelchair Appeal Panel

A panel to arbitrate where current guidelines and availability are in question.

Wheelchair and Posture Service

Shropshire Wheelchair and Posture Service is a clinically-led service which meets the posture and mobility needs of people with a long term disability of all ages across the whole of Shropshire.

Wheelchair Alliance Charter

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